2020 us open :: it is possible that djokovic and nadal both lose at 2020 us open and new guy wins open this year ?

2020 us open :: it is possible that djoker and nadal both lose 2020 us open ?

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how do you think ?
it is possible that djoker and nadal lose 2020 us open at someone and new guy wins 2020 us open ?
how are the adds ?

am i really crazy to saying ....
but if new guy wins , i can see the outside of the top 10
maybe sinner or FAA or someone


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In the words of Andy Roddick, slim to none.

I'd be very surprised to say the least if we have a new USO winner.


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i am very interested to see this two majors in a month play out. gonna be fascinating. do they play both? fed injured.. no fans in queens.. some in paris. a major with no outside noise or distractions.. without the the cheers.. can't wait

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Chances are near zero. Nadal and Djokovic both have won USO in the past 3 years, and it’s quite unlikely they are gonna just roll over this year. Maybe Medvedev will come back with a vengeance but he hasn’t had an amazing year at this time.


I would say odds at USO are Nadal/Djokovic 30% each, Thiem 15%, Medvedev 10%, Zverev/Tsitsipas 2.5% each, field 10%


I think Nadal and Djokovic against the field is more or less even, maybe slight advantage Djokodal, but not more than 60-40. So definetely possible.

I'd say the odds are about 20 percent that one of Djokodal doesn't win it. And about 7.5 percent that a new guy (someone who has never won a slam)wins it.
So Stan+Cilic+Murray+Delpo 12,5%? More than all next gen? I see the latters with more probability than former slam champions excluding Djokodal. Thiem, Tsitsipas and Medvedev are my 3rd to 5th favorite in no particular order.

How do you divide probabilities among those four? (And Federer if you think there is a chance he'll play)


Yes. I think playing without fans is going to be strange for all the players and adds uncertainty to the outcome.


I would say only Thiem can beat both, Tsitsipas, Medvedev or Zverev can beat one of them if they play great match for their standards.


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I'd say the odds are about 20 percent that one of Djokodal doesn't win it. And about 7.5 percent that a new guy (someone who has never won a slam)wins it.
So you think there is a 12.5 percent chance that one of Wawrinka, Del Potro, Cilic, or Murray wins, but only a 7.5 percent chance that Theim, Medvedev, or Tsitsipas wins?


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These guys haven't played real competitive tennis for a long time so of course it's possible. Expect rust, which means fitness and consistency issues. So, short rallies, good, long rallies, bad.

Advantage: Attacking dudes with heavy weaponry who can win points quickly.
Disadvantage: Baseliners (and to a lesser extent counter punchers) who normally win those 9+ shot rallies.

And Rafa is more at risk of an early upset than Novak because he's a "confidence player", i.e. he needs a streak of wins to be fully confident.


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I think Thiem or Medvedev will win the U.S. Open this year. And I really think we will see someone new win the French as well.


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I'm shocked anyone voted "no", as in it is literally impossible someone else will win. That's just straight cray-cray.


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I think both Nadal and Djokovic will skip the USO this year and not play at all. It's too close to the masters events on clay in Europe and then the French. They will opt out of USO.