2020 WTA Sudden Death League: LINZ


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Welcome to the 16th and final event of the 2020 WTA Sudden Death League season: LINZ

Play starts on Monday 9th November

2020 WTA SDL sheet - LEAGUE FILE

Rules of the game:

1. It's a knock out-system: if the player you picked wins, you're through to the next round. If she loses, you're out.

2. You can pick a player only ONCE. Obviously it's important to make smart choices in order to get far. If you have no picks remaining, you're eliminated from the competition.

3. You can't pick a player from a match that has started already.

4. You cannot advance to the next round via a walkover since it is hard to know exactly when someone announced they were pulling out HOWEVER this rule does not apply once you reach the semifinals

5. As you cannot win a match by a walkover it is highly advised that you make a back-up pick to your main pick.
Your pick and back up cannot be from the same match. If so, your back up will be invalidated.
If your main pick is invalid (ie late, unreadable or unspecific) then your back up will become your pick.

6. If the player you picked retires during the match, you're out. If she retires before the match, your back-up pick will be used unless you change your pick before your back up match begins.

7. NEVER edit your pick. If you want to change your pick, please quote your old pick and choose a new player. Edited posts will not be taken into consideration.

We will be picking 5 pick's for this tournament. 1 pick per round


1 correct pick - 30 points
2 correct picks: 70
3 correct picks: 120
4 correct picks: 180
5 correct picks: 300

Good luck to everyone, the more the merrier.. It's all good fun.. :)

Please sign up here if you fancy having a go.


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Woo hoo we made it to our last tournament of the year.. :)

Top 4 in the RACE have won save picks for 2021 @PDJ , boozyuzi, @jwardb & @Aussie Darcy

In the RANKINGS it looks like the WTA are retaining the 2019 WTA Finals points so we do likewise. Still something to play for with myself & @Aussie Darcy only seperated by 110 points. @luiz_gustavo can also reach number one once the dubs points are off.

The 2019 WTA Finals Doubles points will drop off after Linz.
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Aussie Darcy

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Hopefully back to a normal schedule next year.

@Aussie Darcy any info coming out locally of what may be on pre Aussie Open?
R2 Sasnovich

BU: Minnen

Don't even know 80% of these players.
The current go is that it's full steam ahead but my hunch is that everything will be held in Melbourne. So the Brisbane International and Adelaide International probably will be held in Melbourne so that way the players do the bubble for 2 weeks and then come the Australian Open they are free to travel around without fear of spreading Covid to us Aussies. (for those who don't know we no longer have community transmission in almost every state (or maybe all across) of Australia, we went for the eradication approach).

Aussie Darcy

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@Aussie Darcy Makes sense to have everything in Melbourne or at least the week before. I've read there may be ATP tournies after the Aussie but not seen WTA mentioned.
Unsure about after the Aus Open, have heard things of the lead up as in when Sydney/Adelaide/Brisbane would usually be held (moving to Melbourne) but I won't pretend like i'm in the circle of people who make decisions! Just going off what i've seen and heard.