2021 ATP Finals Torino SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Alexander Zverev

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Just retire Djokovic
Repoarted to Djoke loving mods.............


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Brilliant performance from Sascha. Served big, covered the court incredibly well and was clutch in the most important moments. I think it may have been his best one yet given the opponent's level.
Fully deserved the win, but I'm still going with my preditction from last week of Daniil getting the trophy. Massive respect to Novak and his team for the match and great sportsmanship as always.


Watching Djoker continue to take these guys out or into final sets in every match makes you realize just how good Agassi was - when he was doing it to Fed in his mid-30s - though Fed had his number much more than Med or the Ziraffe have Djoker's. Interesting to see how long the old man can keep it up.

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Maybe I do, but your boy lost - again - didn't he and I can definitely clearly see and understand,
that you are crying about that FACT like a big jesse !


And apparently you don't know what crying means. Man, you really need to go back to first grade.

All I said was I never cared less about Djokovic losing a match, because of everything he already accomplished this year : weeks at #1 record, DCGS, 20 slams, 37 M100 titles and 7th YE#1. The rest is just you behaving like a child.