2021 Cincinnati Masters SF: Stefanos Tsitsipas vs. Alexandr Zverev

Who will win the match and how many sets?

  • Tsitsipas in 2

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  • Tsitsipas in 3

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  • Zverev in 2

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  • Zverev in 3

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Kinda mad Zverev didn't punch Tsitsipas in the face there. Oh well.
I would have liked for him to say something to his face when he came back from the locker room. Of course we'll probably get the questions during the press conference...speaking of which, have those been posted anywhere?


Fun fact, it actually was "clutch," and I'm talking about Zverev. Incredible comeback.
I think TF3 meant that going down a double break was absolutely awful (and it was) from Zverev.

TBF aside from the DF, tsitsipas didn’t throw away games Zverev just upped his level and stopped making silly FH errors. It wasn’t insanely clutch on any specific point just solid, patient tennis which is exactly what Zverev was missing when he went down a double break. Credit to him.

Not everything has to be a black and white indictment of NextGen good or NextGen bad. It was an exciting 3rd set, not the best level or quality but still in the upper half of both players’ performances on HC that I’ve seen.


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I tend to agree with you. I don’t think anyone can beat Djokovic in New York. No one that’s in the draw can handle him for 5 sets and that’s really sad that all of these guys in their mid 20’s can’t beat a guy in his mid 30’s
Zverev is the only guy who can maybe beat him. Otherwise no one can.


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Zverev gained fans today the way he handled himself and recovered from a double break down for the win.

Tootsipop lost fans. What he did under the current tennis rules was blatant cheating. In the future, they should check players for phones before leaving the court for a toilet break or clothing change. No tennis bags go with you to the locker room!


Novak will thrash both of these clowns in straight sets. Low level of play plus insane mental midgetry.
Way too harsh. I thought it was a great match. Not Djokodal's level of course, but still exciting match, lots of great points, a lot of twists.
Both players showed their weaknesses and strenghts in this match. They are already excellent players but it's great that they have room for improvement.
Tsitsipas is still a choker for now but it will change. At some point he'll start winning these kind of close matches...
Zverev shows he can beat practically anybody and win big titles even NOT playing his best tennis, kind of like during USO last year. He had ups and downs today but still beat the world number #3. If he can erase these (more and more rare) ups and downs, I doubt Djokovic will "trash the clown in straight".

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This sounds quite fun. I might watch the replay from when Zod comes back.

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Tsitsipas had the lead at 4-1 in the third set, two breaks up - that's when Zverev made his remarkable comeback, so incredibly surprising!
I’m gonna watch it. I’d only watch a match between these two if there were shenanigans. Is that the same period of play when Tsitsy takes his toilet break?