2021 Indian Wells SF: Nikolas Basilashvili vs Taylor Fritz

Who will win the match and how many sets?

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there is one vote for each possibility xD, i dont know, i think fritz because he has a better serve, but if nikos has his groundstrokes on anything could happen

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Basil has to have the simplest game style on tour. Take massive cuts at every ball and hope your opponent can’t handle the pace

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Fritz baby better win this! Tennis is literally about to be blown to smithereens and nothing will be left but a desolated stadium filled with drunk pigeons.
only Fritz can save us.
this is what it has come to. But I love Fritz so.


Basil has to have the simplest game style on tour. Take massive cuts at every ball and hope your opponent can’t handle the pace
Unfortunately a lot of players play like that nowadays, just that some hit harder than others more consistently, but i think nikos has some more things to his game too, even if that is his basic
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Basilashvili seems to have only one facial expression for every occasion. Win/lose all the same. Show some emotion mate....


Smiley wins the tiebreak.... I have the feeling this is going to be a two set victory for Smiley....
Thats what i voted, his strokes are firing the whole week and i was afraid he was gonna blow fritz off the court even if fritz is has been also playing good, but nikos doesnt give him as much time as zed


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Damn its true xD really tought it was the other way, wasnt trying to be smart or anything, in fact i gave fritz a little edge because of serve, but i knew if niko was on ( like hes been all week) not many people can do much about it
Niko plays with house money after his escape from ARV, who served for the straight sets win only to be broken, lose the TB and then get rolled in the third set.


Well that was some quality tennis! :)
Long live King Basil !
I like the British commentator, (that woman had been British #6 and won less than 200k USD), way better than Chris Evert, Marry Carillio, etc.

She said that it is a pleasure to watch Basi when he is in such a form etc! Very technical comments, pertinent during the whole match.


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Just reading this match thread and I can’t believe it.
An IW SF thread with an American player in it, which after the match has finished has not completed even one page.
Unbelievably sad.


Some of those angry Fritz forehand returns were great value.
Couldn't withstand the Basil nukes though. Biggest hitter on the tour these days? He has to be up there.

Norrie's bunker will withstand the bombs imo