2021 Rome masters final :- (1) Djokovic [SRB] v/s (2) Nadal [ESP]

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57th meeting between the pair.
We don't need any explanation for this matchup.

Their 9th meeting overall at Rome, nadal leading h2h 5-3.

Express your gratitude towards the greatest warrior of tennis world and the toughest mental battler in modern tennis taking over each other, lovely ladies and gentlemen.
Though as an objective tennis fan, I recognise that Djokovic's half has been messed up by the irrational scheduling done by organizers, Nole would undoubtedly feel the wear and tear more than nadal.

That said, vamos rafa. Let's have 4th La decima on clay.


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Nadal should win, it would be really bad for him if he couldn't defeat a Novak who just had a brutal schedule today.


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Rafa is poised to give not only a physical but a psychological blow to Novak... just in time for the French
Italians are so unorganised, if anyone has travelled to Rome you will know what the airport is like..... amongst other things.
Novak has to play 3 matches in two days, and Rafa in the final, they really should have moved the final to Monday

A win for the tournament organiser$ and Rafa


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What I think should happen: Nadal def. Djokovic, walkover

What will probably happen: Nadal def. Djokovic, 6-2 6-1
Don't worry, Djokovic will win at least one set. I think he has a great chance here given Nadal's weak serve.


In 2019 they played final too...

Novak had qf evening match against Delpo that finished after midnight...

In SF he had again evening match against Diego that finished after midnight...

Nadal had easy qf and sf...

Novak was gassed in final...

This year again Novak screwed by schedule... Again, and again and again...

I wonder if Novak will ever again have chance to play one clay match on even terms against Nadal...

Nadal in two easy sets...


Djokovic wins this. Don't know if in 2 or 3, but he definitely wins it. They also moved the final a bit, so he will also have the advantage of a night session.


Hopefully Djokovic will have enough left in the tank to give us a decent final. Nadal should fancy his chances here but you never know. Stranger things have happened.

Both got here after some huge resistance from younger players, fitting that they are the last two standing yet again. Meeting number 57. Legendary...


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Djokovic should ask for Money final or should give Rafa walkover.
This is big joke of tournament