2021 Rome masters final :- (1) Djokovic [SRB] v/s (2) Nadal [ESP]

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Again by form, and if by some miracle somehow Djokovic doesn't feel the effect of 5 hr highly intense contests, I might lean towards him.

But Nadal on clay defies rules of this universe, like I learnt from last year's RG F, this is Nadal and he can stomp anyone on clay.

@Yugram what's your take?
My take is that you’re trying to be wishful, presenting Nadal worse than he is by cherry picking a couple of points. He was great, and at no point of yesterday’s match did I feel that it was not under Nadal’s control. The first set was of insane quality, probably a 6-2 set against anyone else, but, well... Clutchovic. And the final stretch of winners from 3-2 in the third to make Djokovic submit was glorious... GOATish.


I think this match puts to bed the question of whether Djokovic is better on clay than Nadal is on HC at present.
Nadal won the US Open 1 year and a half ago. Djokovic hasn't won RG in the last 5 years. Nadal is still a better hard player than Novak is on clay until Novak wins another RG more recently than Nadal his last Slam title on hard.