2021 TTW Census

I am:

  • An Ultronian

  • A Maestronian

  • Team Rafa

  • #ThiemThiem

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I’m real interested in a sub-category actually...

I Wonder what happened to all the Sampronians that became overnight fans of clay in the 00s with Fed getting called GOAT... still Rafa fans I hope. Or is Novak their new bestie now?


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It's that time again now that the season is ending. Attaching last year's results (not that they matter) but im curious to see how the demographic has changed here :D This is the big 3 (ok now big 4) census, my NEXTgen census will follow shortly. What team are you?

Genuinely think Rafa wins fo and uso. I think AO was a good bet but now with the uncertainty his prep may be affected.
Federer or Djokovic to win W.
As for Medvedev not sure he can win a Major as b05 sets seems an issue for him