2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

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Moment of truth for Medvedev. You can sense Novak will be all over him in this service game.
Can he get serves in and win this game and the set? Who's betting on a BREAK?


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Meddy might end up burning out, this has been a fantastic start but like Zverev and Berrettini the level eventually fell off and they got squashed. If he maintains the level he’s at now, he should win, because Novak’s only gonna get better from the first set onward.
Not at all liking those loose errors. Not at all liking Djokovic's serve feeling so protected now.

He has let Djokovic get into rhythm and become calmer by not breaking him for 3-0.

I have a feeling Med gets broken. Please one more game. A set cushion is important.


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Great to see Ultronians triggered :love:
I'm not triggered, I'm enjoying it. Just wish I had some popcorn. :love:

What amazes is that your guy is going for history (and has an enormous chance to win today) and you're negative. I would have assumed you'd be on top of the world.
Who says I'm being negative ? I just find it funny how haters always follow the same pattern every time Djokovic plays : from hope to despair tinged with a pinch of salt.


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I don't really watch Medvedev matches, but if he is capable of this kind of serving then he needs to start being mentioned with the best in the game.