2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

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Hmmm kind of worried, didn't expect Medvedev to serve so well. Although Djokovic has been dropping first set regularly.


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Djoker with anywhere between 7-13 ball bounces before serving...announcers haven't mentioned it. I want Jimmy Arias back in the booth; ditch Patrick McEnroe, Chris Fowler.


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Djokovic feels like he's trying to avoid the long rallies with all the net play. Wonder if he's feeling it physically.
Well deserved set for meddy! Brilliant tennis and set from the Russian. Djoko needs to raise his game or make a change or meddy looking good to maybe get his first slam. Can never count djoko out but very tough challenge ahead


Not at all liking those loose errors. Not at all liking Djokovic's serve feeling so protected now.

He has let Djokovic get into rhythm and become calmer by not breaking him for 3-0.

I have a feeling Med gets broken. Please one more game. A set cushion is important.
Look, you already said several times that Medvedev needed two breaks to hold. You were wrong. He didn't. Djokovic started playing better and Medvedev still held. You were wrong.

At this point, just enjoy the match. Your predictive powers are not there today.


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Anyways congrats to Medvedev on first slam title. DCGS, surface slam, #20, attempt at the Grand Slam. Couldn't asked for a better year.

Now 7th YE#1 should the focus be on.


I don't really watch Medvedev matches, but if he is capable of this kind of serving then he needs to start being mentioned with the best in the game.
He is ranked #2 in the world. Opinions get skewed due to the constant bashing of the younger male players on tour. They are actually good and not mugs. Hard to believe huh?