2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

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Two theories, either they're supporting the aging champion or people are rooting against the Russian, remember, this is America and people still think they're on the Cold War, including myself.
They just want to witness a CYGS.

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Djokovic looks low energy and doesn’t look to be moving well. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s carrying an injury that, in normal times, he’d have pulled out with.


Novak is not the player he was in the AO final either with these netted neutral balls.
Seems very tentative or nervous. But also seems to be (slowly) getting more comfortable.

that’s why I still find the results of the AO19 final so strange.


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Notice both players are rallying timidly most of the time. Not aggressively at all.
Then gradually someone decides to step it up a little.
But most of the rally we guys/gals could handle those shots! :)


Wawrinka hits a much heavier ball than Medvedev, not the same match-up at all.
Agree, totally different. Medvedev is a 6-foot-6 Gilles Simon with a 128-130mph serve and better movement.

I'm not sure why Djokovic is trying to out-rally Medvedev. That is a totally wrong approach. Very poor strategy.