2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

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Novak going old school? Tons of net play.
Flatter hitters give him trouble at the best of times. This is not the best of times, and he doesn't want to be getting into long rallies with him. Usually he goes to the dropper, today he's going for this probably because he's clearly nervous as hell and his droppers would probably all end up in the net.


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If the New York crowd wants to see Djoker win, they need start supporting his opponent. Don’t they know that???
I’ve never seen a more pro Novak crowd than this
People want to see history. Up to this point, Novak losing would have been historic. Now him winning would be. They also don't like Medvedev very much. Also, the crowd at the Semis and the Finals is very different than the crowd in the first week.


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Agree, totally different. Medvedev is a 6-foot-6 Gilles Simon with a 128-130mph serve and better movement.

I'm not sure why Djokovic is trying to out-rally Medvedev. That is a totally wrong approach. Very poor strategy.
It's his default game. He's used the net a fair bit already and I expect he'll do it more as the match goes on if he keeps getting the short end of the stick.


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Djoko to win next 3 as he's dialing in to meds serve now, while at the same time the next genner will get tighter as the match progresses as usual.