2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

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Djokovic will win this set. Just wait for when he wins that impossible 70 ball rally point he should have lost and breaks Medvedevs spirit. It never fails.
Good thing is Med isn't even playing that well right now.

Hope he can focus. Djokovic is going to throw his body and mind and everything in next two return games.


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I think it’s over. Ive seen him come back from 1, 2 sets down before, this year even, but something doesn’t sit right with this one. Just can’t see it happening, I think Medvedev’s won it.


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This is getting embarrassing. Novak should call it a season. Med has won this now. Med is too good for a rsitsipas let down here. Will blow novak off the court
If he was thinking the same way your are right now, he would have withdrawn against Jack Diaper.


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Med isn’t playing well. Djoker looks very nervous. If he shakes these nerves, then he can easily come back.

Djoker is showing he’s human so far. But never rule him out. He’s the last guy in history that I’d ever rule out.
Don't you want to see Medvedev beat a decent Djokovic win his first slam? I don't understand how even a Med fan can be enjoying this.
Wait when he breaks Med in the next two service game.

These lulls are a part of his game now. He is 100% capable of channeling is very best.


DJ is not getting any precision on his DTL groundies. His ball has been within a ball can of the sideline maybe three times, off either wing.

It's not like Med is bossing him with pace, but the timing is sure not there.


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All the streams just died in the last few minutes. This match is going to be rough.

Novak keeping close. I still believe!


Idk if Novak is tired or what, but he's not running down balls, staying way too far back, cant hit first serves, mentally broken, and let that BS reset let on 2nd serve (why didn't they replay a 2nd serve??) Get to him. Can't blow 0-40 after losing the first set with terrible choice of shot at the net and not be bold on the 3rd one. Overall scared and soft play.

I can't praise Medvedev much here. Serving great, but just benefitting from being fresh and playing bums all tournament.

That's tennis, though :shrug: