2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

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Tell me more about "weak era". This Medvedev would have destroyed peak anyone except Wawrinka.
Djokovic just had too many long matches and he is 34 years old. So , weary legs.

Medvedev is nothing exceptional for a USO finalist. He is serving well, but groundstrokes are just meh,


Watching this I can partially understand the frustrations of Fed fans watching Djokovic comprehensively outplay Roger at Wimbledon, even though Federer never played even close to as badly as Djokovic is playing here.


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Djoko looks so resigned

suppose i have underestimated just how great the CYGS pressure is for him



Well, putting away those three awful droppers from Meddy would have helped. But Djokovic has been pretty wretched and has arguably played worse as the match has gone on.
Well, he's the GOAT. If you are going to be in the final, you'd better be ready for your opponent. He knows it.

Djokovic wasn't ready. Medvedev was ready. End of story.