2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

2021 US Open Champion?

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Well, Medvedev is great... Novak crushes under the pressure... Congratulations to the Russian... If Novak had to lose, he is the best option...
Be strong Novak, there will be more chances... ;)


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Djokovic, apparently at the peak of his powers, crumbling in the biggest match of his life like he is 39 year old injured Federer in his Wimbledon loss against Hurkazc. Djokovic can barely put a volley into play. This is the GOAT?
Yeah, sure. 34 years old Federer gets the age excuse but 34 years old Djokovic is "at the peak of his power".


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Not to worry. Djoker is just a little off his game.

You thought losing the first set was a trick he's been using?
This is all a setup. He's tanking the first two sets, to lull Med
into a false sense of security.

Then it will be pedal to the metal! LOL!!!
I think it's safe to say he never had the level in him this tournament to beat Medvedev, but it's not over yet still long way to go.


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Happy for Daniil, sad for Novak. Hoping he'll at least get the 7th YE#1 (will be around 2k in front after today). NCYGS will have to do.


I mean part of me thinks the Big 3 all ending on 20 is nice but i still think Djokovic wins 1-2 slams next year so the only thing on the line is the CYGS here, not the slam record.