2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

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Now people will understand why his AO and RG win was legendary, he went against all the odd, at RG his average spend time for last four match was 4 hour


Medvedev is playing so well Djokovic would have to be at his 2011/2015 level to have a good chance. Man, Medvedev literally has all the answers
That should have been the strategy from Vadja. I'm not sure what the strategy was looking at this match.

But Djokovic needed to be aggressive from the first ball. Every shot. Go for the lines. 2011 mode. If you miss, you miss, oh well. But go for it.


I think you’re right, he does usually. It’s just not been there for Djokovic today, he seems very tired.
I've only been watching since late in the 2nd set, but Djokovic wouldn't have beaten anyone in the main draw on what he's shown in the last half hour. The second set set point lol.


Took you long enough.
Still obviously not quite the same considering the pressure Novak is under here and that he is clearly physically fried at the end of a monster three slam season in his mid-thirties, along with the fact that 2015ovic is one of the highest grass levels seen in the open era unlike Medvedev here, but yeah, we're all aware of the fact that 2015 Federer is not peak.