2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

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I know how Djokovic fans must feel, I felt like that after AO.

You lose sometimes. Your guy already has his NCYGS. Don't worry. He will get ahead in the slam race. The media is starting to see him as GOAT.

His time is coming , like Fedal, to have that mantle in the eye of both pundits and fans.


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Djokovic's muggery in the first couple of gamed was always gonna come back to bite him. Today was the day. He started again a match uphill


Moral of the story: Laver is the GOAT. As uncharacteristic and odd as this match is from Djoker, we finally got to see the actual weight of the CYGS. Might be the greatest achievement across all sports.
Probably not in all of sports (not sure you can compare between sports). But certainly in tennis the CYGS is the greatest individual achievement that a player can accomplish.


I've only been watching since late in the 2nd set, but Djokovic wouldn't have beaten anyone in the main draw on what he's shown in the last half hour. The second set set point lol.
lol he has just beaten everyone he faced including world No 7 and Zverev in last 2 matches.

A combination of Danii being on fire and fatigue and pressure have led to the result
Still obviously not quite the same considering the pressure Novak is under here and that he is clearly physically fried at the end of a monster three slam season in his mid-thirties, along with the fact that 2015ovic is one of the highest grass levels in the open era unlike Medvedev here, but yeah, we're all aware of the fact that 2015 Federer is not peak.
Far from everyone sadly. I'd rather like a response on that from the good fans someday.


Congratulations to Medvedev. I wish this was more of a competition though. The worst match Djokovic has played in years. If not ever.