2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

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Incredible way for Med to win his first grand slam, stopping one of the greatest of all time from completing the Grand Slam.

Commiserations to the Djokovic fans. What he has done this year has been quite incredible regardless.


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Less than a year ago, I was saying the Next Gen was getting closer and closer to taking over and the era of the Big 3 was coming to an end and most people in this forum scoffed.
Practically everybody who wasn't a Djokovic fan said that. The amazing thing is that it took this long to get here.


Can we once again take a moment to appreciate just what Steffi Graf did?
Love Steffi to death and my favorite WTA player EVER.

But seriously ATP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WTA in terms of playing level.
Novak's 3 slams are probably MORE impressive than Steffi's CYGS.


I predicted three straight sets! Stats matter folks!!!!! I am so incredibly happy!!!! I knew it!!!! YES!!!!! Everybody who told me I had screws loose for predicting Medvedev would win in 3 straight sets!
You also predicted that Zverev would beat him as well. If you make enough guesses you have to get one right lol
1956 ----- Lew Hoad.

In 1956 Lew Hoad won the Australian Championships, then the French Championships, then Wimbledon.

At the Australian Championships final he beat Rosewall.

French Championships, he beat Sven Davidson for the title.

In Wimbledon final, he beat Rosewall again.

Now it was time to close the cycle by winning the U.S National Championships.

Forest Hills saw the final, there Lew Hoad faced Ken Rosewall, an old foe.

He already beat Rosewall twice in 2 GS finals in 1956.

The final started, and Lew Hoad took the first set.

Then Rosewall came from behind and took the next 3.

That was the end of Hoad's dream.

History could repeat itself.

Djokovic might pull a Lew Hoad.

But then, Djokovic is the best in the business, he might get it.

Tik tok tik tok tik tok, the result just a few hours away.

No matter what is the outcome, it'll be historic.
Djokovic pulled a Lew Hoad!!

65 years after that fateful day, Djokovic emulates the great Lew Hoad!!

History repeats itself!!!


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Congratulations, Medvedev! You take your first title the hard way, on the biggest stage in the biggest match in a very long time.

No shame, Novak. You were killing it all year, warm up or no warm up, and 3 in row is still 3 in row.