2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

2021 US Open Champion?

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Jack the Hack

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Less than a year ago, I was saying the Next Gen was getting closer and closer to taking over and the era of the Big 3 was coming to an end and most people in this forum scoffed.
Overall, I agree with you completely. Yet, a member of the old Big 3 won 3 out of the 4 slam titles this year, beating Next Genners in the first 3 finals before running out of gas in the finals of the fourth.

So the scoffing a year ago still seems justified, right?


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I have been explaining to people for two days why Medvedev would win in straight sets but they told me I was nuts!
You didn't predict anything. You've literally been voting for Novak losing pretty much every match. You even have negative prediction rate for this tournament (not to mention the year).


Damn…didn’t see that coming. Med outplayed The Player.

Guess it’s time to back up to the first page and cast my vote!

Vamos Rafa Nadal

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Congrats to med for his first slam, and to do it over djokovic who was one win away from CYGS, is incredible. Nole didn’t show up today at all. Wonder if something was up? But Nole said he was going to leave everything out there today, but didn’t. Oh well, still fantastic season for Nole and congrats to med again for his first slam! First next gen slam winner!
Djokovic had played 5 more hours on the courts than Medvedev - that matters.


Novak, "first of all I want to thank myself for playing in this final today.....my head even though its gotten really big, can still fit through the doors to get back to the locker room"