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First: implementation of serve clock.
Now: implementation of bathroom break clock? Duration of this one: 07 mins and 30 secs as per ESPN.

Tsists back on court after presumably number 1 and/or number 2.
Loudly booed by the stadium.


I have to say I was disappointed to see Mannarino as a name in Ashe but he’s actually a great candidate for a night session. Unique style of play, natural entertainer, and capable of actually mind blowing shots for a #45.

This match might turn out to be fun after all.


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That's too bad about Nakashima. I really thought he had a favorable draw and then little Molcan decides he likes the draw, too. How far can Alex go?


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Stepanoe looked good tonight against mannarino. that foot injury may have been just shoes problem. tonight wore sole court Boost and looked like no foot issue