2021 US Open QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [6] Matteo Berrettini

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Djokovic again will need to raise his game like he's done in previous rounds, plus he's rolling in 2nd serves around 80mph.


It was actually a really good volley though. Berrettini only had one play and he pulled it off.
I’ll never understand how these players CONSISTENTLY get beat cross court on passing shots. I get they are taught to cover the line but it seems like 90% of the time players hit cross court


Thought that Brooksby match might give Djokovic some rhythm off the ground and perhaps kick him into gear heading into the latter stages of the tournament. Looks like its done the opposite unfortunately. Legs just aren't there.


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Laughable level from a potential CYGS winner, it has to be said. I think he’s got almost no chance of doing it unless something drastic changes


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I just want to get into the semis. I am under no impression that this version of Novak can trouble Zverev.
Come on, as if Zverev could just get through a Best of 5 match of that caliber untroubled. He wasn't bad in Australia either, but he won't sustain hat level long enough to win.


Berrettini playing pretty much as well as he can play. Novak still has another gear or 2. Not gonna panic yet but not the start I was hoping for.


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So it looks like the typical Djoko-Berrettini match so far. Tight first set going the way of the Italian, expect a beatdown in the second followed by a close third won by Djoker and something in between sets 2 and 3 for the fourth