2021 US Open QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [6] Matteo Berrettini

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Berrettini just needs to keep this even until at least 3-3 or 4-4 I'd say. Losing the 2nd set isn't the worst thing in the world here, but immediately giving Novak some momentum back with an early break in the first game or two would be disastrous because then it can unravel and go on too much of a roll. Make Novak work for it.
aged like milk


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That was a pretty incredible return game from Novak, some great shot making. 3-1, 2nd set
That final return he made to win the last point of that game was insane, don't think any other player could make such a return on a bomb of a serve out wide like that.


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Even as a Djokovic fan the big problem with next gen against Djokovic is when they go up they get broken early in the next which takes any advantage they have.
Musetti and Tsitsipas at RG was the same


Hit the ball harder Berrettini! That’s the obvious problem! You’re not hitting hard enough. The net is just a distraction.