2021 US Open R1: Stefanos Tsitsipas [3] vs Andy Murray [114]

Who wins?

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This is what I mean, I honestly don't get bothered by tsitsipas antics, or at least anywhere near having to watch a knighted baby cry on court haha
Hehe that's double gold Olympic champion and double Wimbledon champion, knighted cry baby to you - but yes I agree:)


I an not surprised that Tsitsipas is winning but I am shocked that he’s being 5 sets to be in a winning position


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If he gets through today, he will play MUCH better in the next rounds and will probably lose only to Medvedev.
I feel the same. But this is the problem for most next gen they are great one day and terrible the next. Even the big 3 have bad days at slams but the level is never this bad


I hate when people say 04-07 was weak and this era is weak etc but next gen really don’t make it look strong. I don’t care about Tsitsipas or Med etc beating Djokovic it’s a hard task but as least make it through your quarter and it’s respectable
Just give us some good match ups. Live up to the hype and give us some entertainment.


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It's painful to watch all the open angles on the court that Murray refuses to take because he wants to set up a situation 6 more shots from now.

Somehow still hasn't figured out that he has a metal hip with limited movement & stamina.
Must be frustrating for him. His strokes and timing are fine and the tactics are theoretically sound but his movement/endurance just aren't up for taking advantage of his current game plan.


Djokovic pounded these two in FO finals.
These guys are so PATHETIC. I hope they NEVER win a slam.
They don't deserve to. This is the worst next gen - I've seen in 30 years.
Hopefully Novak can keep winning for next 2-3 years or maybe even Rafa wins a bit more.

Third Serve

And that’s all she wrote.

Very impressive performance by Murray. I didn’t think he had the ability to stretch Stef to five.

But part of this is also to the discredit of Tsitsipas.

Vamos Rafa Nadal

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YES!!!! Happy for Tsistsipas! When I saw that he would be playing Murray, a three-time Grand Slams champion, in the first round I knew it would be a tough match. But he got through it and I think he will play better from this point on...