2021 US Open R4: Novak Djokovic vs. Jenson Brooksby


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  • Djokovic in 5

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  • Jenson Brooksby

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Wasn't it Ginepri and Agassi were the last American male players to reach the Semi Finals of the US Open in 2005?


Brooksby is young. If you're his coach, do you completely revamp that serve? Is the abbreviated motion a result of injury, like Jay Berger back in the day?


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When the ATP changes the rules of bathroom breaks duration, nobody will be able to play with diarrhea anymore.

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Back in the day when they took toilet breaks they would be like three minutes and then jog back onto court all sheepish


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I think this is time for me to go to bed again. 4 AM and it looks like it'll be two bagel-breadstick sets now


Jesus, an hour and a half but these guys just HAVE to take a toilet break and change their kit. People used to think tennis players were wimps back in the old days. Now we look like a bunch of pampered *****.

My shorts are all wet. I gotta go change. :rolleyes:
It's dangerous to have a lot of sweat on the court

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That's the kind of backhnd djokovic would routinely play against nadal at rg21 and it STUNNED brooksby. Dont worry guys, he's just fine.


Ugh. I just want to see a great match. Novak not playing that special at all. Of course that's how you become a 20 Slam champ - your "not that special" level is good enough to win most matches.


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I didn't use it as excuse, I just said that your comment that his game sucks since OG doesn't make sense, as this is his first tournament after OG. I agree, it was mistake not to compete in Cincinnati, like Fed did at RG, retire if you had enough, but to pause for one month before maybe most important tournament in your career... But again he has team, they obviously know better than us. And on part about pigeons, it is always hard to keep defeating someone, like Fed and Rodd 2009, opponent knows he has nothing to loose, so he plays strees free. But it is not black and white, you got the point too, can't deny that having your pigeon in part of the draw is nice some times
A simple statement: he hasn’t been top shelf since Zverev rallied from a set down at OG to win. He had his chance to rebound in the bronze medal match but you choose to ignore that.

You’ve proven you’re here just to argue and to make excuses, especially when wrong. Where is this horrendous crowd behavior you used as a crutch?Lots of applause when ND won the second set!

Pointless discussion because you’re going to see things your way no matter what. In legal parlance, juror Rudiiii is excused from duty because of prejudice.

Please don’t respond. I bow to your superior logic and take on things. You win.

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I don’t know if that’s it for Brooksby. It’s a strange match.


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Sad to see this kid unable to compete due to a completely below-level serve. It’s amazing he made it this far without improving it. If he were serving like he should be able to, he could be winning easily.


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The lines you need to circle are the first and fifth ones. Brooksby has zero aces and is losing 62% of the points when he hits a second serve.

Take a look a Brooksby's average serve speeds on his first and second serves. They are very slow for a 6'4" player. His second serve is in the low 80s.
Agree. But if Djokovic wants to beat Zverev or Medvedev, he needs to lift his first serve percentage seriously. Must be in high 70s or 80s.