2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

To the final

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This is perfect in every way by Zed so far. But what if he goes up 2-0 or 2-1? Moment of truth right here.
I agree on that. Mainly due to the racquets and then maybe also because of less practicing since the volley lost its importance in the modern game.
It's a vicious cycle. The slice except by necessity is also neglected by many including Medvedev and Zverev but it continues to be a useful weapon when done right.


If Djokovic doesn't get the CYGS, I cannot imagine the amount of money from appearance fees and endorsements he is going to lose. We're probably talking in the tens of millions of dollars easily.


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1st set Zed. As I said before Zed will have periods where he struggles and periods where he peaks. Djokovic will always stick around so this is still 50/50.
Hopefully Djokovic follows the Berrintini match


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Losing first set again almost as if it were a deliberate strategy but it must be pure coincidence right or is he playing a very risky mental game on his opponents?


Novak won the first set in Tokyo and lost the match.

Zverev won the first set in the 2 matches before that and lost both matches.



Surprising start. Few nerves from Zverev 40-0 up. Let's see if he can keep it up, should he come closer to winning.
Djoko 0-1 in sets = right where he wants to be


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A Shankovic attempted forehand gives Zedraffe the first set.

Joe Kovic continues to flirt with the unconventional approach to victory during his CYGS campaign. Will tonight be the one bridge too far?


In a PERFECT UNIVERSE, if Zedzilla was NOT a CHOKER and did NOT double fault and had a better forehand --- he would be UNBEATABLE.


Novak going for much less on the first serve than he did in his first couple service games. Not necessarily dropping the mphs a ton (though I think that’s down), but the direction just isn’t there, even on the ones he’s missed this game.


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It's kind of worrying how Zverev is in all Djokovic's serving games, but Djokovic isn't in very many Zverev serving games. Hopefully Zverev chokes very soon.