2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

To the final

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This is perfect in every way by Zed so far. But what if he goes up 2-0 or 2-1? Moment of truth right here.
Exactly -he played extremely well for the first 2 sets and a bit last year only to become very afraid. Maybe Olympic gold to Goldie Chains freed him up a bit? We shall see (if he gets there). Big miss there at 30-all


That's the PROBLEM with Zverev. Sitter forehand MISSED. He could have gotten a BREAK point.
Instead he will allow Novak to hold and then lose his own serve.


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Wow, Zverev is playing great tennis. I've never been a fan of the guy but I've got to hand it to him the way he's been playing the last couple of months and continuing into the first set here. Will be very interesting to see if he can keep it up...


Two framed shots from Novak, who's been servebotting for most of the first set. Has he turned into Federer at last?


It's kind of worrying how Zverev is in all Djokovic's serving games, but Djokovic isn't in very many Zverev serving games. Hopefully Zverev chokes very soon.
Well, at worst it’s a 3 slam season and breaking the time at #1 récords. Not bad at 34


Zverev will continue to have lots of chances on Djokovic's serve. He is by far the best returner that Djoker has faced so far in the tournament. He'll need to make them count.


Honestly this is the breaking point if this match. Novak will either hold, break and get a firm grip or zed will run away.


Huge hold for Novak there.

Zverev hit some massive forehands in that game but Novak weathers the storm to avoid the momentum going squarely in Zed's direction.


Sascha was in the 1st set in steel form. If he keeps it throughout the match, it will be very difficult for Djoker to beat him.


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It's a vicious cycle. The slice except by necessity is also neglected by many including Medvedev and Zverev but it continues to be a useful weapon when done right.
Yes, sad but true. The way Nadal started to "eat alive" peak Federer's slice with his wrist would have been impossible with just slightly older racquets. At least I think so, because it's hard to tell how unique he was. But generally this development is very obvious.


Wow - Novak made an overhead. And a 100 mph DTL forehand. I can't believe how much Novak's forehand has improved.
There was a time when Novak's forehand used to be a little shaky. Now it's almost as good as Nadal or Fed's. It's crazy.


Currently, I don't see how can Zedvedev lose this. He plays with enormous confidence, has younger legs, better serve with an all round game and less hours on the court so far.

While Novak seems a little bit off, maybe the pressure is at last coming to him.


Damn...he's gonna get more chances but that was a really good opportunity for an early break.

Let's keep it going on serve though.


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Great tennis from Zverev so far. He knows that the key to beating Novak is keeping up in the rallies, not trying to hit winners left and right (as some highlights watching ttw may think). If you can keep up the depth standing so far behind the baseline then there's really no good reason for not using that strategy.