2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

To the final

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What a shame, it was clear that allowing Djokovic to hold in that first game would lead to this but ofc it's still disappointing. Basically this is gonna go the same way it was always going to, Zverev takes the first set and Djokovic easily wins the next three

I guess at least I'm glad I saw it coming before the match even started, the disappointment is lesser that way


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This is why ZEDZILLA will NEVER win a slam. MENTAL MIDGET. 1 out 6 first serve.
UFEs after UFES now. THis match is OVER.
He's only a part-time choker though if I might say so. He will stay dangerous. Remember the match in Australia when phases of dominance for both players took turns. And as embarrassing Zverev's errors and double faults may be from time to time, it's also impressive how he mentally ignores them and fights back from time to time.


To be fair, zverev's level from the first set is impossible to sustain throughout the whole match
Hitting more than one 1st serve, not botching a putaway forehand and then not DFing on BP isn't an impossible standard we're holding him to in that 2nd game.


Zverev just needs to regather. If he is to win, he is more likely than not going to lose at least one set. Just keep calm and stay focused. He will get chances.


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I’m really starting to wonder if Novak is involved in some sort of gambling / match fixing scheme as he drops the first set every time, then dominates. As a USTA NTRP League player, I know sandbagging when I see it. :)


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Zed loses his serve but the good news for him he still can break Djokovic.

Really it's all about serve between those two recently.

Zed can just serve from a tree and get through his games easier while Novak needs to play and play for almost every game. That's too much pressure for anyone.