2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

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LOL - Novak only 5 sets to go for CYGS. PATHETIC from Zed. Didn't even have Novak serve. BROKEN TWICE.
Berettinni gave more fight. The 1st set was 1 hr 11 mins. Here the 2 sets are that much time..


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One thing Djole improved in the 2nd set is the return. In the first set he botched so mamy returns, even 2nd serves.


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They’re done with two sets faster than Berry stretched out the first set. Berry definitely the NextGen GOAT and that’s without any time clock violation behavior.

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I'm struggling to understand why this IS a surprise? Zverev ALWAYS does that. He's a mental midget. Tale as old as time. Already served 6 doubles.
There’s no way that zverev was gonna keep that high level of serving. Even the greats against good competition never kept that high level from set to set.


As usual I woke up to see Novak down a set, and he broke back right when I tuned in and if I keep watching he will suck out my soul. Why am I doing this to myself :cautious:
You should know better. Zedzilla choking as usual. BROKEN twice. Expect set 3 and set 4 to be similar as well.


There’s no way that zverev was gonna keep that high level of serving. Even the greats against good competition never kept that high level from set to set.
You are missing the point. Zverev went from A game to Z- game.
Most players dip a little.

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It's not about avoiding downs. It's about how low those downs go and how he's unable to get himself out of them in time. This is exactly what makes an ATG, their downs aren't strong enough or stay long enough to cause real damage
Well, so what should Zverev do now? If he's thinking the way you're thinking it will be a game over for him. People blame players for choking, for being too nervous and mentally weak when just as spectators they are so quick to give up on someone winning. I'm going to be so mad at Zverev if he does let Djokovic off the hook, but not judging him until the match really shifts to Novak's advantage.


What's more annoying is how Zverev gifted Djokovic the first break. And easy ball at the net followed by a double fault? What scares you so much, kid?

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Man, I usually don't agree that things in tennis are all mental, but in this case... this match is all about whether Zverev can hold on mentally. He was just outplaying Djokovic for that whole first set, and then suddenly realizes where he is and can't get a first serve in and throws in a classic Zverev DF to give away a break, and then keeps serving like that for another break.

Smart match from Novak, though. While he was being outplayed, he kept using variety an smart play to keep it close. Then as soon as Zverev started looking shaky, he locked it down and went back to playing percentage tennis to punish Z for his inconsistency.

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Real lousy set from Zverev, I don’t think Djokovic upped his level all that much in comparison to the other times he’s been in this situation this tournament.


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Now the question is will Zverev come close to his 1st set form or will we see Djokovic's usual 6-2 6-2 6-3 routine in sets 2 to 4.