2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

To the final

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Question: Who plays better defense when called upon? Zed or med?
Both are 6'6" with huge wingspans, and great agility for their size.


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Of course he could. It's Saturday tomorrow, so most people could easily watch it. But the fact is, most people, including tennis fans, don't do this at night. I think in this forum we are in a bubble of very special people.

Federer is a huge tennis fan himself of course, but maybe he doesn't want to watch too much right now because it hurts in his absence.
this is what roger did before the match on phonecall with sasha... you can do it,,, roger's force is with you



You continue to fail to account for the difference in quality aka difficulty to execute and counter. I mean you literally choose to prefer the lesser product and are upfront about it lel.
You're seeing a difference in quality I don't believe in. I don't think Federer's shotmaking is tougher to do and execute than what Djokovic does for his playstyle
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