2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

To the final

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How does Djokovic pull off "lockdown" mode over and over? Truly GOAT. All his meditation, yoga and spiritual training help him besides his out of the world fitness and flexibility.


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Whoever wins this deserves it. Both players are putting in max effort - well Zverev certainly is, hard to tell with Djokovic. Can't call this a weak era with the level Zverev is showing.
No didn’t you know you can’t lose to a 34 year old or your a mug. Zverev has played well and Djokovic has showed the level he can get too if needed


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Zod, your host at Heartbreak Hotel, will escort you to the Nexgen Oxygen Vampire suite, where you can recharge in the Egg.
Congrats Zverev, you can give up and leave the tournament with your head held high knowing you have pushed Djokovic to 5 sets. Weak mental. Will never be a worthy slam champion even if he wins one in the future
You've said nothing quantifiable. Throwing buzzwords as well as ranting about a game and a quality of tennis that I don't like with the most surface level justifications is why much of your opinions on tennis mean literally nothing to me.

" Reverse apologists " lmao. Do you ever read what you type in your head? Simply saying that I don't derive the same kind of enjoyment from a standard Federer match versus a standard Novak match is the reason why " tennis is going bad. " What a joke.
As I said, you're part of the crowd welcoming the lessening of tennis quality, allowing it to happen with little effect on popularity/marketing. Literally cheering the worse product like protracted careful exchanges over manufacturing attacks from the get-go.


Before this match started I didn't know who I wanted to win. I wanted Nole to win because of his accomplishments and chance at CYGS. I wanted Zed to win because he was the underdog.
But once the match got underway, I found myself cheering for Sasha. Who would have thought? I've never even liked him (but have felt a bit sorry for him for the abuse he has taken in the past as a young player for not doing well in slams.

It might be all academic at this point, as Djoko is looking better in the early going of set 5. Sasha looking shaky.