2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

To the final

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The Fedfather

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No, because this could be a momentum shift and this could be game on, but Zverev choked a freaking break.

Do I hope against hope? Yes, I do. :X3:
Zverev has a similiar game to Wawrinka and even Stan did damage to Djoker at 30 years old. Why can't this kid at 24 and djoker far removed from the level when Stan beat him
One break recovered. This is NOT over yet. Zverev has shown several times this year that he can fight back. Don't celebrate yet.
This is over.

Do people not watch tennis? This is Novak Djokovic. He will go to hell and back and kill himself on court before squandering a 5-1 lead with CYGS in sight. Z is doing this way too late in the match.


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If Djokovic loses after being 5-0 up in the 5th he'll never beat Zverev again, but it's a moot point because he should still win


Djokovic playing with his food before eating it

he’s introduced some new psychological torture elements to his game these days


Match is far from over. Zverev (beast) is the most dangerous when pushed against the wall. Will fight for life with unreal strength.

mike danny

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Basically Novak has shown that 34 is no longer an old age. He is playing as good as he ever was - at least his mental game is the best it has ever been.
The guys he is facing are worse than anyone's ever been.

Fed showed what can be done at 34 but he didn't get losers like Zverev to take advantage of.


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Credit to Novak's defence. The few times Zod has unloaded FH DTL, somehow Novak's got it back deep enough to keep the rally going another 2+ shots.


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Djokovic just rubber-stamped the GOAT distinction.

Fed and Nadal are not even close to Novak. Novak has done everything. Dominated 3 generations of tennis.
Well, if they are "not even close" the next years have to decide. I can only say Djokovic needs MANY more Slams to make such a statement reality. He is the GOAT with 21 and the CGYS, no doubt about that. But "not even close" is a completely different thing.


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Definition of tennis harakari , the botched hits by zverev at 30-40 at 0-3.
Allow the ball to drop mate. U have a open court


I am an eternal optimist, can't help myself.
Good for you. My psychologist would appreciate it. Off to sleep. Take care of the players! Novak is a machine after all. Tennis isn't in good hands.. No ext gen. If is then I'll go to monastery and say sorry to Medv.