2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

To the final

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The last match of his career.....
Yeah, he said he was gonna play as if it was the last match of his career but the weird pause before the second part of his sentence and the face he made when saying that... I hope we're jut imagining things.

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You call it mental fortitude, I call it just being flat out better than Zverev.
That certainly helps.

Back when I watched baseball people always blabbed about the Yankees amazing clutchness. Well, it helps when your payroll is larger than some countries GDP and you cherrypick rosters for all-stars.

It's easier to be mentally strong when you're the better, fitter, more complete player. Still, he has to actually go out and do it. Credit to him.


So many whiners in this thread. You’d think they’d have something else to do than watch a match they consider boring or a player they consider weak
It’s the hope. The hope that one of these youngins would finally pull it together.


This was a great match. The final won't be.
Djokovic in 3 or 4. And people crying competition should shut up. Only peak Fedal back to back like 2011 might have stopped Djokovic this year. And such a draw has happened only once and Novak got through both even after that.

Med is my second fav after Thiem. But he has little no chance, his level is just not there. Djokovic is tennis perfection taking a human form, impossible to beat.

Fedal created a monster. And the monster is going to swallow their records and their legacy as the greatest players.
You’re going to be disappointed to know there’s absolutely nothing he can do to tarnish their legacies. It’s like saying LeBron can ever do anything to take away from Jordan. LeBron wins 10 rings? Jordan is Jordan. Same for Fedal.


That's the beauty of Djoker. You think you might have a chance to beat him, yet he crushes your soul then he goes on to tell everyone in the post match interview how great of a guy you are and you will win some day.
Some people call that fake complaints...passive aggressive type of compliments...those are the worst one:cautious:


Patrick McEnroe opens with a question...with an imbedded poke at toilet-gate. Really? It should be focused on the tennis match at hand.


How does a 34 year old keep outlasting these 20 something year olds match after match after match...

Federer had to deal with Djokodal. Djokovic gets to deal with the likes of Nishikori Dimitrov Raonic Kyrgios Zverev etc. :rolleyes:

Djokovic had to deal with Fedal when he was young. Federer got to deal with the likes of Baghdatis Roddick Bjorkman Kiefer etc. :rolleyes:

Using Federer as a comparison is terrible, if anything, use Nadal as a comparison would serve a better argument