2021 US Open Women's Final: [Q] Emma Raducanu (GBR) vs Leylah Annie Fernandez (CAN)

Who will be the 2021 US Open Women's Champion?

  • Fernandez in 2

    Votes: 5 3.8%
  • Fernandez in 3

    Votes: 42 31.6%
  • Raducanu in 3

    Votes: 29 21.8%
  • Raducanu in 2

    Votes: 57 42.9%

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Let's think globally for a minute. Here these two kids, not even on the top 50, show up, run all the veteran top 10 players off the court and just TAKE OVER the whole freaking tournament! How would you explain it? WTF is happening here?????


Hall of Fame
Fernandez seems to need to be down to play her best. Not sure how she just won 5 points in a row there, that was a massive opportunity for a break.



Kim was a known choker. 2003 Australian Open semifinal first comes to mind.
She was but also 2009 USO was a miracle run possibly even more magical than this one. If she had never taken that time away from tennis and had children, she could have been even better.

Let’s not forget that her chokes usually came against prime Serena or god mode Henin. In retrospect I have a ton of respect for her game.