2021 US Open Women's Final: [Q] Emma Raducanu (GBR) vs Leylah Annie Fernandez (CAN)

Who will be the 2021 US Open Women's Champion?

  • Fernandez in 2

    Votes: 5 3.8%
  • Fernandez in 3

    Votes: 42 31.6%
  • Raducanu in 3

    Votes: 29 21.8%
  • Raducanu in 2

    Votes: 57 42.9%

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Loving this match-up so far. Both stalk the baseline – every shot has to be hit with intent or it gets pounced on by the opponent.


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I have never understood this. I never root for a player because of where they are from nor do I favor players from my home country. I have always found nationalism odd.
Sure. I would root for Federer and Henin against Americans, but I would most likely root for most Americans otherwise.

I just never really got attracted to British players, with the exception of few Manchester United players.


FWIW, Emma comes from a super-elite, private "grammar school" with a top tier tennis program. Leylah comes from a plain "two cars and a mortgage" background. So I kinda tend to root for Leylah. Just sayin'.


Grit, variety, lack of fear, good hitting - we have it all.

Though, Radacanu hitting two swinging volleys from the service line - big no.