2021 USO QF: [Q] Botic Van de Zandschulp (NED) vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev (RUS)


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At this point Medvedev runs the risk of running into a ballboy on every point. Why is his strategy to stand further and further back?

And how does it keep working?

Red Rick

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I hate this so much. I'm about to burst running to the loo to take a ****. You know what I find?

It's Daniil Medvedev trying to return serve. He was flailing around for 5 more minutes before I could take a ****.


Medvedev would be wise to break now and finish this off 7-5.
A tie-break could smell troubles... If VDZ takes it he starts the 5th set on serve (same position he was against Schwartzman and he won 6-1). It could become dangerous.
Exactly my thought. If Med loses the 4th set, I think he loses the 5th as well.


Was a little tricky in the end, but Med got it done. He needs to up his level though, because that is not going to cut it in the final, against Djokovic or Zverev.
He might even lose in the SF. Why do you gloss over that? The level in set 3 and set 4, might still not be enough vs FAA especially.

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If Carlos is in the semi I will be rooting for him to win, even though I am predicting Medvedev to win the tournament - can't help it, I just love the kid! If Felix is in the semi I will be rooting for Medvedev.

I know most people think FAA will win tonight but my gut is telling me Carlos is going to win it!
Medvedev takes the 4th set 7-5 to move on to the SF's. Ended up being a stiffer test than expected......he's still going to be a really tough out for FAA/Alcaraz and if he's in the final, whoever gets out of the top half.

James P

Sorry I wasn't in the thread much, unfortunately at work. Did catch the last six games or so of the 4th, my god Botic was a stubborn out. Incredible clutch in his 4th and 5th service games with Mad Lad bearing down (medvedeving down in Russian). Anyway, hat tip to an inspired performance.