2021 Wimbledon R2: Roger Federer [6] vs Richard Gasquet [56]

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Bionic Poster
WOW,,,, just WOW. Finally a chance to beat Federer for Gasquet. Never been a better chance to do this. LOL. but problem is Richard also stink currently,,, so Pigeon will comeback for Roger in 2nd round. just like this 1.9 Million dollar Pigeon that chinese bought from begium farm.



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24 straight sets won against Gasquet with a 19-2 H2H, with Gasquet's only wins coming on clay back in 2005 and 2011.

Then again, he was 6-0 against Mannarino and almost lost that one. Federer struggling against his former pigeons is a really bad sign for him.


When was the last time Gasquet won a big match in a major ? Anyone ? He needs to retire. Even a below form Federer beats Richard. But yeah, troubling play from Roger today.


Talk Tennis Guru
Fred in average form and this could go 5 sets
In decent form and he can win in 3 or 4 - I would be quite surprised if this ends up being a routine win


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I won't trust Gaskuet to win against Big 3 even if the umpire has announced the score in favour of Reeshawd and both the parties are coming to the net for the post match handshake.
I would've said the same about Mannarino before the match today, however he was clearly the better player for two and a bit sets. Or at least, the less poor player...


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I'm not sure about this one. Gasquet has always had a lot of talent, and could give anyone trouble on his day - but his game really matched up badly against Fed, who basically did everything he could do better.

But with current Roger, who knows? I'm hoping Fed comes through in straight sets, but we'll have to wait and see.


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I guess Gasquet is fully recovered from whatever injury/illness that cause him to retire after splitting sets with Alex Bolt at Nottingham Challenger ten days ago. He had won two rounds prior to that day as a heavy favorite vs Soeda and Clarke. That and today’s match are the extent of his grass play so he’s as undercooked as fedr.

I expect another struggle for fedr but a win is a win…in 4.

Dominic & Andrey

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Gasquet currently is far worse than Mannarino, he can still show his inner talent with great shots here and there and good games here and there, but that's it. If Richard was able one last time to keep a very high level for some time it would be interesting but I think he's definitely done, like Gilles Simon and Jo Tsonga are too


Wouldn't be surprised to see Federer lose here. But I am hoping for a win. I expect Federer to play better than yesterday though.
Should be an interesting match. Fed will improve with more matches. He wasn’t great 1st round but he did up his level in the 4th. I think he should come through this in at least 4 sets. We will see though


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I wouldn't back Gasquet to be able to fight his way out a of a soggy paper bag. Federer in 5. Gasquet will find a way to choke from an unassailable winning position.


I wouldn't back Gasquet to be able to fight his way out a of a soggy paper bag. Federer in 5. Gasquet will find a way to choke from an unassailable winning position.
I can't imagine R. Gasket winning even a set. He could be two breaks up , serving at 4-0 and the next moment, his serve and FH would perform a disappearing act, that too for the rest of the match.


Talk Tennis Guru
I'm feeling good about this one. But I think Fed's tournament will end next round against Norrie unless he really shows some big improvements today.


Bionic Poster
Gauff better not mess this up and choke to extend this misery to 3 sets.

And yes, they'll be playing on Centre Court once Gauff is through.