2021 Wimbledon SF - [1] Novak Djokovic - Denis Shapovalov [10]


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You know Djokovic would save all his break points and shapo would lose if he face even one.
Shapo had a half chance at 2-1, 30-40 if he had gone for forehand dtl. But he went for cross court and also put in net


I like how Djokovic keeps backing his words after saying that he likes his chances against NextGen players in Bo5 matches. He'll do it again on Sunday.


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Damn, how does Novak do this? he looks dead out there and is up 2 sets? Shapo just crushing serves and Djoko is winning. Daaaaaaaaaamn.......so good.
He's playing a choker, he probably could be dead with no pulse and he'd still win. And you neglect to mention Denis serves massively early in the set. The moment the set starts to get tight at the end, he can't buy a first serve.
I was proven right in almost every tennis and form related stuff.

Shapovalov has dominated Novak, He has won more points, has had more B.Ps .

But I didn't count for one thing, I actually did but thought he had overcome it: Menatlly the guy has less fortitude than a castle made of pack of cards.

I appreciate Djokovic's abilities, but Djokovic didn't win the two sets. There's literally no tennis level related reason that Djokovic should be ahead and in no way was this a result of his mental strength.