2021 WTA Sudden Death League: Olympic Games


Not too shabby still in for a bronze medal, was happy enough not getting knocked out in the 1st round. :laughing:

Bronze: Svitolina

Go Elina!
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milk of amnesia

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Usual rules but anyone knocked out in the semi finals receives a free pick of either player in the bronze medal match.

Win your semi and you play for gold (usual rules)
Boozyuzi, I have a question. My pick in the SF won, but now I am out of picks for the gold medal. Do I get a chance to pick for the bronze or am I just out?
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No gold medallists at this Olympics but its congratulations to our silver medallists @PDJ @Boozyuzi @milk of amnesia and bronze medallists @bezs @gn

In the Race.. good week for the top 3 who stretch out a bit at the top.. Top 8 qualify for the WTA Finals bonus comp.

and in the Rankings.. highs for @volleyandfun and @DutchUncle

Ostrava and Chicago have been added to the 500 schedule, both in September