2021 WTA Sudden Death League: US Open


Like I said, not a single point was played
I would never vote otherwise.
Please reference rule #8. This is a REALLY frustrating thing I can fully understand, but it appears you just missed it based on the flash score time stamp. Flash score can round things back or forward, but it's the tool we need to use to keep things as fair as possible as we are all in different time zones. I even had to correct my time zone in the forum settings before posting this so I was absolutely sure I was being fair.

While it's possible you made the pick as they stepped onto court, we have to go by the time stamp. It's frustrating but it's the rules we have.


That means nothing, game didn't start when I voted.
Again. Reference Rule #8 in the OP please. Your post picking Andreescu came in at 11:08 New York time and Flash Score lists the match starting at 11:05. Therefore according to the rules your pick is just to late. Rule #8 details this scenario. I'm sorry it's frustrating but these are the rules.


Sure feels good to win after really poor summer in these SDLs! :) (I have already picked both finalists, so the game is over) And with a player that I like.

Not intend to boast but I was almost sure I will win after seeing NKP picking Sakkari (of course this is WTA, nothing is ever certain), Sakkari would have also lost tight match I'm sure as Emma is so much tougher mentally.

Phone scroll? :oops: People use this forum with a phone? I haven't even considered coming here by phone! :laughing:
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