2022 Acapulco open ATP 500 round of 16 :- Rafael Nadal vs Stefan Kozlov

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Talk Tennis Guru
The first set is basically what it would look like if one of us won a raffle and got to play a real life set against Rafa. Basically whenever he wanted he could hit a winner. Kozlov had absolutely no serve, no power, hardly any explosive movement.

How Dimitrov actually lost to this guy is still beyond me. I’m serious that might be the worst choke of his entire career, and there are quite a few.


As he plays his matches at 2am my time, I’ve had to go to the replay when I get up in the morning. So far, luckily, his matches have been short enough for me to watch it all before heading out the door.
As much as I love exciting matches, stress free Rafa wins are a breather after the AO :-D

Mike Sams

Nadal only gonna put in half effort in this tourny. The appearance fee is higher than the prize money by far.