2022 ATP Finals SF: [7] Novak Djokovic vs Taylor Fritz [8]

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You can't call a let because of crowd noise
You should be able to tbh. No reason not to except “tOp PlaYers ShoUlD coPe WiTh iT”, whereas in reality pretty much everyone from Djokovic to Federer has struggled with it at one point or another. It does affect key points. I remember a bad one during Kyrgios-Federer in Miami and another during the RG 14 final (I think? Might have been 2012) when Djokovic was serving MP down and he ended up double faulting as a result of the crowd


All and all a very good year for Taylor Fritz. With some epic tough losses. He seems to handle them well and comes back. Props to him.


Spectator that yelled out and made Fritz miss when serving for 2nd set was identified





For all the “this is just an exho” from the usual crowd the reality is that every player you face here is a top 10. It’s not like a slam where you may not even face a top 20 until the SFs, allowing a player to ramp up their game.
I also think the margins have become tighter at this tournament in recent years, because the court is faster now and top 10 players have gotten taller.

Djokovic for example played well last year but got broken once in 3 sets vs Zverev in the SF and that was enough to lose the match, he himself only broke Zverev once in 3 sets.