2022 ATP Finals SF: [7] Novak Djokovic vs Taylor Fritz [8]

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Djokovic bringing out the state of the art AbramsX tank

EDIT: or not. What is up with this guy lol, if you're going to drop 2 points for no reason why then dial in again? Just because you can???


I think Fritz looks vulnerable, but as long as hits a halfway decent serve on this court he should win the point. He escaped that game via 3 first serves. Djokovic is not punishing him even when he hits a first serve that's not particularly close to the line.

His biggest potential problem is that he misses his 1st serve a lot.


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ahahaha what a muggy forecourt shot from Fritz

Fritz's ROS has been great in this game though


Djokovic to Fritz after also holding from 0-30 down:



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Really hoping Fritz wins the match. He’s a mug for sure, but not as much as a mug as the remaining players left in the draw


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I miss the 00s when people could actually redirect the ball properly during rallies. DTL == UE these days


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The clutchness again, jesus

But ban that idiot who shouted at 30-30, what do you have to have in your head to do that


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That felt inevitable as soon as Fritz didn't capitalize on the 0-30 the previous game. Was in the point and could've had 0-40 but Novak fought through it and here we are.