2022 Australian Open 1R: [21] Nikoloz Basilashvili vs [WC] Andy Murray

Who will win?

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Gotta get to bed but I’m already predicting:

Basilashvili starts clicking and gets the 4th set, Andeh puts up a valiant fight going up a break, down a break, then back on level terms in the 5th, fights until the end, ultimately loses. That script is 90% of his matches of his these days.

His game is too much dependent on athleticism and movements. He can't afford to drop even few % of his movement.


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Both guys hitting flat and hard, especially on the BH.

Wish Murray would moonball Ballslashervilli a bit more. Let him make a few more unforced errors


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Murray in trouble like always huh



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34 years old with a new set of hips and an endearing balding head, Murray showing how good he was in his twenties when he is beating today’s players like just now. Great player


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Didn't he say something defending Djokovic the other day and basically implied Australia should have respect for him. Possibly that?

I should clarify I'm talking about Basilashvili not Murray.
Murray is also getting booed in his post match interview, honestly it seems there are just a lot of annoying kids in the crowd


Prayers and wishes coupled with thoughts are with The Power God, Basillashvilli. Wish this first round exit adds 10 percent more power in his strokes.

But as I said in the first reply, "Why always me? "