2022 Indian Wells QF: Rafael Nadal [4] vs Nick Kyrgios [WC]

Who wins?

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Nads is playing so bad. Amazing to be even.
For some reason, just about everyone plays poorly against Nick; even the ones that win with him. Daniil had a bit ugly match with Nick in AO 2022 as well. Here in IW, everyone Nick played looked awful. The Argentine in, what, round out 32 looked like he was ranked 900th in ATP. Me think this all is related to not only Nick's great skills and talent but his ridiculous character too.


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Oh, time to vote. Nick's going down as he's just lost his service at 3:3 in the third. I guess that's it for Nick now. He's had a great run and amazing showing.


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Surely pros practice at a young age serving with others doing their best to distract them; I know Bolleteri includes such training.

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I don't want to judge Kyrgios to harshly but the clock isn't the reason he's losing. Not at all.

However, is Nadal taking longer time compared to Kyrgios? I didn't catch the stats

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Can Nads serve it out? Has been sketchy and with added pressure….Nick. Weds to realize that and just play smart.