2022 Roland Garros QF: [3] Alexander Zverev vs Carlos Alcaraz [6]

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Talk Tennis Guru
Zed serving for it... nerves...
Very impressive composure from Zverev this set. I haven't seen him this focused in a long time given how Carlos has been playing and now he has the break.


Zverev has simply maintained a level above Alcaraz for the entire match. I think Alcaraz needs a bit more experience before he is going to beat top-10 players in the form that Zverev is in right now.


Talk Tennis Guru
This is JCF's doing. Didn't prepare Carlos well. They got complacent after the Madrid win.
Alcaraz tactics are all wrong. He keeps hitting and approaching to the Z backhand. That sitter volley hit to Z's backhand literally got him broken.