2022 SF, ROLAND GARROS: Rafa Nadal(5) vs Alex Zverev(3)

Nadal vs Zverev

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Rafa is struggling physically, and it's getting worse. Good for him the opponent's tennis IQ and mental strength are non existent. What a high quality SF...


zverev lacks weapons and putaway power, otherwise he would be winning this

cilic will pound winners against nadal's passive play, not just hit loopy cross court forehands

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Zverev messed it up big time for not winning the first set. Nadal looks flat now, it could be that all the effort he needed to put to win the first set took its toll .


And that is why Nads should have NOT went AWOL in the second game to hold that break. He needs more easy games he can just coast on, but that wasn't the one.


Disgusting service game from Nadal. He missed by like 5 feet on every single one of those UEs.

Just put him away Rafa, don't prolong the meme match

He is not putting pressure on the foot to boost some oomph on the first serve. He is being cautious with the foot.


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Yeah, that's what happens when you are 36 and clearly overplay. He should have never played 5 long sets with FAA. Nadal looks physically done, just like he did last year in the end. Unless some miracle happens, Zverev should take it in 4 now.


I’m very impressed with Zverev to be honest. Playing professionally. Never complained about his opponent wasting time and delaying him on his serve. I like his attitude.


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The longer the match goes the bigger the advantage for Zverev. Nadal CANNOT hit through the German. And he cannot keep defending and running all day.
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So what does that mean exactly?

I'm not a scientist but Rafa is sweating so much more today than that day and earlier he gestured to his box that the ball was playing huge, he extended his hands at the width of a basketball. So presumably the balls are very heavy


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not watching, just checking the scores once in a while, but is that 4 breaks in a row? LAWL.


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That first set must have been something out of Game of Death, the fact it went 90 plus minutes, with Rafa bringing his inner Bruce Lee out to take out the tall Zverev