2022 US Open 4R: [1] Daniil Medvedev (RUS) vs [23] Nick Kyrgios (AUS)

Winner and sets?

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So has Kyrgios decided to pick up a long for this tournament alone, because I've never seen him crank them out with this much regularity
Kyrgios has looked professional in rolling through his matches (at least compared to his baseline).

Med has been clinical, but has not played anyone dangerous.

Picking Med in 4. Will be interesting what happens if it goes 5 given their respective 5 set records.


What is the o/u on how many underarm serves Kyrgios hits? If Medvedev stands that far back, Kyrgios will hit underarm serves or will serve & volley.


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Kyrgios in 4 or wouldn’t even surprised if he gets it done in 3. He will find a way to make the Russian uncomfortable

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I put Medvedev in 5 but honestly have no idea whatsoever who will win this match! I suspect that whoever does win will likely make it to the final but on the other hand if this is a grueling marathon it might do them in for the QF? Who knows! I have to think that Medvedev is going to be prepared for Krygios after his recent defeat to him.


Funny that as of now very few people expect it to be a three set or five set affair (11 votes). 34 people expect it will take four sets, but we're perfectly undecided who is the winner after those four sets, split at 17-17. One of the most symmetric poll responses I've seen on here. Looking forward to this one, hope it's going to be as competititve as the poll is!


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I think Medvedev is gonna zone in and pull out some of that thread-the-needle, Porsche manual gearbox, sniper-rifle-accuracy groundstroke stuff. Kyrgios will fold after a couple of hard fought sets with the ball relentlessly landing back near his feet.

Either that, or Kyrgios rolls through with a heavy-hitting untouchable serving performance and makes a stunned mullet out of Medvedev.

Should be a good watch no matter what - I’m fired up for it!

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Have no idea whatsoever..

While Med is the better player he isn't in his best form. Whereas Kyrgios is in his best form but so erratic that you don't know what version of him will show up.

My wild guess is Kyrgios in 4.
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Honestly I think Nick can pull this off, but it could also be similar to the match in Australia where Med's consistency wins out

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Played 4 times, Kyrgios has won 3…..that’s good enough for me….Kyrgios in less than 5 sets
Also the 1 time Med one was this years AO when Kyrgios was just coming back after a break. He definitely is playing much better now.

The only question though is whether Kyrgios can remain dialed in for the entire match. He has a tendency to lose interest erratically.


I won’t bother looking it up, but I doubt medvedev has broken Kyrgios more than 3 times in their matches on hardcourt, that’s 3 matches….. believe it or not, I think medvedev is the one who has to serve at his best to win this match, Kyrgios isn’t bothered by the medvedev ground game
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My heart says Med in 4, but don’t really know what he has to counter Nicks s&v that undid him in Canada.
Just thinking about it now though, maybe the bigger area behind and around the court might give Med some more options on the return


Just saw on the local news that Nick and Thanasi annoyed their doubles opponents with their schtick. When asked about it Nick basically said 'These guys forget their place on the court...Thanasi and I are the entertainers and the only reason people come to watch.'

Wishing Nick a straight sets loss and an embarassing loss of bowel control.


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'These guys forget their place on the court...Thanasi and I are the entertainers and the only reason people come to watch.'