2022: what are the best shoes for wide feet + durable?


In 2022 who makes the best shoes for wide feet + are durable?

I know new balance make wide shoes but arent very durable

And the last nike ones were the vapor x but wear out quick

Nike haven't released a wide version of their shoes with the same sole as the vapor cage 4 or vapor nxt reacts? That new sole is supposed to be very study material

Was hoping nike will release a 2E or 4E in them or another model using the same sole material

Are adidas sole court boost durable?

Or asics ff2 or 3 do they do wide versions?


Check out Yonex Sonicage. The 2s had a “wide”, which I wear, but supposedly they’re releasing a 4E wide w/ the 3s.

As far as durability, I’ve been wearing them for 4 months (moderate playing time), and they’re holding up fine. Not sure how they’d do under heavy load, though.


Does anyone know which other nike shoes they do which have the same soles as the vapor cage 4 or vapor react nxt?

Those 2 have the most durable soles due to material was hoping maybe some other models have it too + hopefully have wide versions. Ie vapor 11