2022 Wimbledon Final: Elena Rybakina vs. Ons Jabeur

Who wins?

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I think you're overthinking all this. The stuff they put on before finals is always mostly just fluff to fill the airtime. Not even worth watching unless you're seriously bored. I don't usually tune in until I see the serving ball pop up on flashscores to show they've done the coin toss.

Rybakina winning as a sort-of Russian was slightly amusing (and perhaps inevitable), but honestly nobody cares outside of the occasional internet post and random tweet. I can guarantee you Wimbledon themselves couldn't care less who won (once Raducanu was out).
Right... They so don't care that they made such a huge stink about her living in Moscow and being Russian, especially the British journalists, and the on-court woman interviewer in the QFs and SFs kept mentioning Kazakhstan in such an obviously political way that reeked of desperation. Even the Serbian commentator here had to laugh at this. Of course the organizers are annoyed, because her win became a meme that mocks the decision to ban Russians. It's in all the news, the Russian winning in a Russian-ban year. You totally underestimate politicians, the media, the Cold War and what this kind of propaganda does or how much it annoys the elites who want things to go their way.

As for me exaggerating, I'd say it's more a matter of people getting so used to being brainwashed with various political "social" agendas that they don't even notice that rubbish anymore. And that's of course very dangerous: the abnormal and the idiotic become so normal that people don't even notice it...
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Maybe a couple of old fuddy-duddys in the Wimbledon boardroom will care (and maybe whoever in the BBC is connected to the Torys). Most people though won't give a rat's, including most Wimbledon employees. It's already yesterday's news.