2022 Wimbledon QF: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

Who wins?

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Thought Novak's odds of winning Wimbledon were absolutely crazy headed into today. To say Nadal or Kyrgios were massive dogs to him is just laughable.


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Djokovic pushing from the baseline wanting to get Sinner to make a mistake. It ain't happening. He needs to get aggressive. This is on the way down for him - fast..
agressive is not his style
he only does so when keep rallies until opponent tire and opportunity arises


It's amazing how much Novak's baseline game has declined in the last year or so. Losing almost all longer rallies. Nowhere near his prime. At least 50% worse..


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Djokovic is still the fav.
Sinner now live betting favorite.

That never happens this early in the match.

Novak is in serious, serious, serious trouble here. Bookies rarely give positive odds this early for Djokovic, they know something is up.


We've seen this a million times... make himself look like he's set to collapse... then out of nowhere become an impassable wall and screaming at the crowd...
I don't think he's making himself look like he's about to collapse... He'll definitely have a scream as soon as he has a reason to.


Commentator on my TV suggests the reason why Djokovic isn't acting up and pulling his usual antics is that his son is old enough to understand what's happening on the court so Novak wants to set a good example. Interesting theory


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Novak is just waiting for the right moment to pounce. He can break Sinner at his will and will break him serving for the set which will cause a mental collapse in Sinner and Sinner will lose the next 2 sets easily


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Crazy how everyone overrated Novak.

This weakness and fragility was blatantly obvious if you were paying any sort of attention

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Novak is being outclassed. Unless he does something quick, he is not winning this. He is not grinding down Sinner. I don't know what else he can do though. He is not at all aggressive these days, so I don't even know if that's an option anymore.

Stop counting your eggs before they hatched. Sinner could get tight any moment.


Will that dropshot come back to bite him in the ass? :-D It's like his runaround forehand return against Alcaraz on match point the other day.


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Yeah I’m finally accepting that Novak is out of the slam race. This is dire.

At least if he loses, it’ll be to someone who is not a jerk. I hope Sinner can go all the way.
If he loses today then I think it's too much to overcome but it hasn't happened yet.